Carlsbad Observatory
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All-sky camera is turned off
All-sky camera is turned off
All-sky camera is turned off
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Carlsbad Observatory owns a telescope that meets requirements for observation while sitting for disabled, of smaller stature or children
The whole area of the Observatory is strictly non-smoking!
There is no entry with animals allowed in the whole area of the Observatory!
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Under support of the City of Carlsbad
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Dear visitors of the spa town of Carlsbad,
All of our programs and observations are currently available unfortunately in Czech language only. We are able to provide foreign programs only if you arrive with your own interpreter of Czech language who will translate everything into your mother tongue. Every visitor of the observatory should keep in mind that the tour through the observatory and observation of the sky itself is practically worthless without proper comment. For each phenomenon there must be an expert explanation. For a such communication we are currently not yet ready.
We are preparing foreign language versions of our programs, primarily in Russian, German and English. You will be able to arrange these programs through local spa hotels or travel agencies for a group of minimum of 8 people any day afternoon. The program always starts after sunset then. We are handling your orders flexibly in response to a clear sky that we are able to confirm only during the day for which the program is ordered.
Thank you for your understanding.