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Dear foreign visitors to our spa town,
with regard to the current state of the observatory building from 1963, the observatory does not have the necessary capacity in the area of attendance by foreign tourists. We are a small regional educational institution that offers programs to the local population following the curriculum in schools, we organize various courses and trainings and many events for the local population. Personally, we provide our rich program for this target group in a small team of voluntary collaborators. Up to 5,000 people visit our events annually. We are currently unable to offer visitor programs in foreign languages. If you are interested in visiting our observatory, you must bring your own interpreter to the programs, which are conducted exclusively in the Czech language, who will be able to translate the comments of our lecturers. A possible visit can then be arranged in advance by phone with someone who speaks Czech. You can easily find out the program we offer on our website www.astropatrola.cz, which is only available in the Czech language.

Thank you for your understanding.