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Dear visitors of the spa town of Karlovy Vary,
we are just a small, local folk observatory that does not aspire to become a world-class facility. Although most of our programs are conducted in the Czech language and not all of us at the observatory can speak multiple languages, we offer you the opportunity to visit our observatory for observations according to the current program, which we only have in Czech. We use electronic interpreters for this. Therefore, if you are interested in visiting our observatory, please communicate exclusively in writing.

Note: primarily all programs at our observatory are conducted in the Czech language. We implement the program for foreign visitors exceptionally at other start times and only after a written agreement in advance via e-mail hvezdarna.kv@seznam.cz or on Whatsapp +420777953421 or with the staff of the Karlovy Vary Infocentre, who will make an agreement with us by phone.

Thank you for understanding.